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tv   FOX 35 News at 10PM  FOX  February 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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pc@ >> announcer: now, on fox 35 news. >> a finalist for teacher of the year murdered in her home in melbourne. students shared their memories of mrs. cook. >> i'll say this. we will not close this case until she's been found and returned home. >> where is a central florida girl, who disappears without a trace? what investigators are telling us. >> the latest results on the iowa caulks, live to des moines and our political power panel is here tonight. >> announcer: right now, on fox 35 news at 10:00. >> the countdown to the white house is officially on. the iowa caulk -- caucus underway, voters deciding who will be their nominees for president. a total of 15 candidates are hoping their message connects with voters.
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will be their nominees and the winners get serious momentum for their campaigns. >> proving that the road to the white house is indeed a marathon, not a sprint. the new hampshire primary is just one week away. let's go live to keith landry, live in studio, monitoring the caulk results right now and a bunch of close calls so far. >> keith: looking at horse races on both sides. here's what we know. state of iowa, 3.1 million people, 30 republican delegates at stake tonight. 44 for the democrats. here's what we know. 75% of the votes are counted. right now. ted cruz is up 28 to 25 over donald trump. marco rubio, 22%. here's what we know about the numbers so far. ted cruz is benefiting from his strong ground game all across the state of iowa. 99 counties. he's got the people on the ground. analysts will say that's why he's up now. donald trump, with his 25%, benefiting right now from the people who are already clearly
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interesting note here. marco rubio was about 15% in tonight. he's up to 22%. we've been seeing momentum for rubio throughout the weekend and throughout the day. rubio is the guy who the minute tonight. that's a big deal for him. he can claim momentum if he holds onto that number. ben carson coming in with 10% of the vote. he gets the fourth ticket out of iowa if he holds onto that number. that's a big win for him. he can claim momentum going into new hampshire. and florida's former governor, jeb bush, with 3%, he's just not getting it done just yet tonight. let's look at the democratic side. 63% of the votes tall idea. wow, this is a horse race. hillary clinton 51%. bernie sanders 49%. martin o'malley, essentially a political footnote at this point. he's going to be do-or-die for his campaign in new hampshire. i'll give you two more points before we go back over.
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coming from the older folks, getting an overwhelming majority of the older voters. bernie sanders, right in line with what the pundits were saying all weekend long, he had to get the younger votes, had to get the college students, had to get those 17-year-olds who will turn 18 before november in iowa. he's doing that well. he's owning that. one more headline tonight. huge voter turnout. one precinct in des moines running out of ballots. 122,000 people voted in the g.o.p. iowa caulks caucuses. analysts predicting we could shatter that number with 150,000 people before the night is over. it. facebook as well. >> we appreciate it so much. we do want to get more insight from our political power panel joining us now, carl jackson, political analyst, radio show host and our political analyst who joins us all the time, mark mills. break down for me a little more
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with these marco rubio numbers. he's been steadily climbing throughout the night, might overtake trump. >> marco rubio did a terrific job lowering expectations and then exceeding them, apparently, according to this vote, and what keith told us. rubio in entrance polls, polling done when people walk into the caucus instead of when they leave, entrance polling shows that rubio was the winner on the last minute undecideds. he overwhelmingly won that vote, which gives him a tremendous amount of momentum, even after iowa. rubio also won the elect ability question, who is more electable in november. he beat out cruz and trump. if these numbers hold, rubio may be the one with momentum. >> i want to ask you sort of a two-part question here. there are poll numbers and then there are the actual numbers that we see tonight. it looked like donald trump was going to be the clear run away winner in this thing and right now he's in second place, could
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now, this is a caulk, not a primary, so is there a difference between a caucus, you know, will this hold true when we get to new hampshire, to see a difference between polling numbers and actual numbers for the votes? i think it will be more true in new hampshire than in iowa. different. you get to sit with neighbors, friends. you get to persuade people before they even vote. and that plays a huge part. we saw marco rubio coming in with a lot of momentum. so i thought the numbers actually don't surprise me, and i'll be quite honest with you, bob, with all felt free press that donald trump has gotten, this has to shake up his campaign a little bit, especially if the night goes awry for him. we'll see what happens at the end. obviously with rubio performing so strongly tonight, momentum is definitely in his favor, obviously if cruz wins tonight, momentum will be in his favor as well. >> great to have you here. we didn't get to the democrats
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the evening and we'll get to that side here shortly during the newscast. >> those voters in iowa are spread across 99 counties and the results are coming in in real time. let's go live to des moines tonight where fox political editor craig patrick is standing by, keeping an eye on the ever changing results. craig? >> reporter: well, since we didn't cover the democratic race a moment ago, we have breaking news. let's start with a poor showing by martin o'malley, the fox election center is learning that the o'malley campaign will be suspended. o'malley will be giving it up after tonight. also, we're hearing reports from the clinton camp that there is nervous energy in that room. confidence ultimately that clinton may prevail, but some concern as well because she is only leading by about one and a half percent. and if you look specifically at the precincts that have not yet reported, these are precincts where we've seen a big spike in voter registration. if you look at the entrance
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goers are breaking for bernie sanders, also, we have a number of precincts where -- around college towns you would expect younger voters to turn out, those have not yet reported, and the entrance polling showing they are breaking substantially overwhelmingly for bernie sanders. so while you're seeing numbers on your screen that look favorable to hillary clinton, it is still too close to call. >> we will be checking back with you throughout the night to see how things change over there in des moines. thank you so much. we do have you covered all night tonight in iowa here on fox 35. we will be back to keith landry, monitoring all the breaking results from the democratic and republican caucuses, we'll also talk with our political power panel a little later in the newscast. >> developing tonight, this is out of brevard county, a popular teacher from rockledge high school was found dead at her home. valerie boey reports. >> reporter: many are mourning the death of a popular math teacher here at rockledge high. investigators are calling it a murder/suicide.
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sandra cook and the body of a man were found dead in a home this morning. investigators say no one else is believed to be involved in the death. according to the pressed school district, cook taught math and served as the gifted coordinator at rockledge high. student raymond bryant says the news was devastating. >> at first my buddy, he told me something happened, and i was like, no, you're jokin', so i kind of went to the classroom to see what was going on and everybody was crying. >> the school principal says cook was a devoted teacher who inspired many. >> it hit me hard as well. so i began to cry and just kind of started comforting as many people as i could. >> cook was a finalist for brevard's teacher of the year. according to the principal, cook was a long-term staff member and had been at rockledge high since 2013. a statement was released saying she was one of the finest people to have walked the halls of our school and she will truly be missed. >> she was a great teacher, always cared about her students,
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learn. >> her mother says she'll be praying for everyone involved. >> as a parent, we have to prepare our kids because as life happens, a lot of things happen. so we just have to be strong and prepare our kids. >> as investigators continue to look for clues as to what happened, raymond says it will be tough without his teacher. >> she has touched a lot of people, so it's kind of a hard thing. >> and a team of grief counselors will be here for the morning. meanwhile, administrators are asking parents to call the school if they think their child has been affected by this. fox 35 news. >> and a tragic story out of volusia county. a good samaritan killed just trying to do the right thing. >> the mother of three trying to help a motorcyclist that crashed on u.s. 1 early sunday morning. fox 35's tiffany teasley reports. >> reporter: s. >> reporter: a mother of three loses her life while trying to
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>> it's unbelievable. minute. >> reporter: around 3:30 sunday morning, florida highway patrol says 33-year-old tina martin was driving southbound here on u.s. 1 in port orange when troopers say she encountered a motorcyclist lying in the middle of the road after he had lost control and overturned. acting as a good samaritan, troopers say martin got out of her car and went over to help. they say she was kneeling over the motorcyclist when both of them were hit by a car. a second car also hit the motorcyclist. martin was pronounced dead at the scene, along with the 23-year-old man. that. without even thinking, she'd help somebody. >> her brother isn't surprised that his sister was trying to help someone. was. >> just stop and help someone. that's who she was. love her and miss her.
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established this go-fund-me page for martin, who they say was on her way home from work. now they're just trying to cope with this tragedy. >> give each other support the best we can. it's heartbreaking. >> in volusia county, tiffany teasley, fox 35 news. >> and a fox alert right now. spacecraft continues to inch its way closer to launch. the ship's pressure cap actual arrived at the space center today. this nasa's super guppy aircraft. that plane can hold 26 tons of hardware. it arrived at approximately 3:41. that's approximately? pretty exact to me. just this afternoon. inside was the shell of the orion spacecraft and very soon computers and hardware will be installed, all the unmanned -- an unmanned test flight to the moon and back. that is scheduled for launch sometime in 2018. >> the center for missing and
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gotten involved in the case of a 17-year-old girl from ocoee high school who hasn't been seen in a week. i'll explain why coming up next. also coming up, a new cafe at the university of central florida is helping people with traumatic brain injuries get a chance to have a job. we'll show you how a special harness is helping one woman stand on her own two feet. a health alert, the world health organization declaring the zika virus a global health emergency, spread by mosquitoes, and it can cause birth defects. fox 35 investigates how local health officials are now taking action. >> new tonight, a florida man crashed his truck into a guardrail and it exploded.
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she vanished one week ago, and the national center for missing and exploited children believes she may be in danger. holly bristow joins us now with the latest here. holly? >> reporter: it's now been a week since this 17-year-old has been seen or heard from by her family and friends and even by police. and after not seeing her for so long and not knowing what else to do, the mother now called the national center for missing and exploited children. >> this is the flyer that the national center for missing and exploited children asks news organizations across central florida and west virginia to post today of 17 this 17-year-old. >> we've been disseminating the image to the public, like in this case, this interview, the public awareness part of our work is extremely important because that's one of our most powerful tools when it comes to missing children, making the public the eyes and ears of law enforcement. >> ocoee police says she was
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he says the 17-year-old is a senior at the ocoee high school. lieutenant bryant says her paints thought she was going to catch the bus to school but police say she never got on the class. >> we don't think that she's in danger as in somebody's come and taken her or anything like that, but because of her age, and she's out there on her own, there is the temptation for -- she's vulnerable and we don't want anybody to take advantage of a run-away. >> the lieutenant says it's not like her to run away. none of her friends have heard from her and she's gone silent on social media. >> her parents just want to hear from her, even if she could send a facebook message or a text to let us know she's okay. her grandparents are coming into town from virginia. >> at this point investigators don't know if she is still in central florida or if she's in west virginia, where she has some family and friends. >> we knew she had enough money to run away, if you will, but we don't know where she was trying to go. did she get on a bus? did she go to a friend's house?
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know about? >> if you've seen her, if your children have heard from her or if they had heard she may have had plans to take off, you're asked to either call the police department or crime line. that number 1-800-423 tips. for now reporting live in ocoee, holly bristow, fox 35 news. >> sonni: we have put a picture of her on our facebook page. go to our website. >> bob: a news alert. state officials are aiming to curtail unemployment fraud through identity theft. a house panel unanimously passing house bib 1017, giving the legislation -- access to driver's license photos, signatures to validate claims. it would also increase the penalties for such crimes. >> we are seeing an incredible amount of identity theft crime coming into the system, and we are focused through our anti-fraud measures to keep those criminals out and to keep the trust fund healthy.
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practice of aapplying for unemployment benefits under control. since 2014, more than 146,000 fraudulent claims have been made. totaling more than $600 million. >> this monday evening, taking a look your i-forecast. we're going to have some road closures. the first one, this is on i-4 westbound from the 436 all the way down to maitland boulevard. we'll have two left lanes closed all month long. just use caution. be aware that this is part of your normal commute. down the road here, this is i-4 westbound at lee road. we'll have one left lane closed. this is only going to last all week long from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., so use caution, be aware if you are in this area. remember, you can actually check out traffic and construction updates on your own smartphone,
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and traffic app, text to 87057. >> still ahead, the zika virus declared a global health emergency. we'll tell you what health officials in central florida are doing to prevent the spread of the mosquito borne illness. >> beautiful weather across central florida for today but big changes on the way as we approach the upcoming weekend. that means a chance of rain. more on that coming up. >> later, find out why police are training eagles to the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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>> checking in with glenn richards, work week and warm week so far. >> glenn: way above normal. the temperature is close to what it should be for the high temperature. >> bob: right now? >> glenn: right now. it looks like temperatures across the area now are still mainly in the 70s. rain-free. 67 in -- we just dropped down a little bit. 65 in daytona. 70 in melbourne. 72 still right now in kissimmee. that is your normal high temperature. and it's 10:23 in 11 seconds, 12 seconds. and it's 3 degrees warmer in daytona, 6 degrees warmer in orlando compared to yesterday. the humidity levels are very high, running to 80 to 90%. we'll cool it off tonight that we will get some fog across the area, actually, if it stays a little bit warmer, we'll get less fog. 69 degrees. live picture of downtown with a southeasterly wind at 3. fog action for tonight. into the 80s we go. we'll stay in the 80s for the
10:24 pm
then rain showers begin to move in a little later on this week, especially thursday. rain. 72 in miami. 58 in jacksonville. 66 in pensacola. big storm beginning to wrap up nasty weather developing across the upper portion of texas, the panhandle, into oklahoma. nastiness there. just a big area of snow is beginning to take shape through iowa. working its way towards wisconsin. they'll have near blizzard conditions, about a foot of snow on the way as you through wisconsin over the next couple of days. but for us, what do we get? the same system. kind of. we get the cold front that's attached to the low. by the time this front shows up here, at 10:24 in the evening on wednesday, the storm that is connected to it, is in toronto, canada. the last couple cold fronts that came through and gave us the potentially of severe weather, the lows were located either in georgia or here, but this low,
10:25 pm
here's what we get. scattered showers as we get into the early morning hours on thursday. just about 5:00 a.m. looks like as we go through the morning hours, still more light rain showers coming through. this is 11:00 a.m. on thursday. here is thursday in the afternoon and early evening. also still some rain that eventually pulls out of here. winds come around to the northwest and cools things down as we head towards the end of the week. not a major shot of cold air but definitely some cooler temps. fox for tonight, big weather -- fog for tonight. 63 the low in sanford. 55 towards gainesville. the thicker fog will be farther north where it's a little cooler. your highs tomorrow, back up to about 80 to 83 inland. upper 70s to near 80 back over towards the coastline. once again, it looks like another very warm afternoon expected. we'll put it at about 82 to 83 downtown. east wind at '05 to 10. that means the seven-day forecast brings in good temps. 82 tomorrow and on wednesday, but look at the cooldown. the front comes through thursday.
10:26 pm
friday through sunday. >> hi, everybody. it's being called an epidemic. it's not curable. and nearly half the kids in our country are diagnosed with it. we're talking about nearsightedness. tomorrow morning on "good day orlando" a doctor explains why more kids than ever need glasses. the shocking study. plus your overnight news, weather and traffic all starts right here tomorrow morning, orlando". we'll see you then. >> she vanished without a trace from volusia county six years ago today. >> but friends and family are holding out hope they'll find out what happened to laurel rogers. after the break, more on the emotional plea from family members tonight. >> bob: saving you cash at the pump patrol, 1.64 at the speedway on turkey lake road and production plaza in orlando. same thing if you go to the murphy usa on metrowest boulevard and metropolis way in orlando. >> you're watching fox 35 news at 10:00.
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and all your charms whenever i want you all i have to do is stre-e-eam. px >> announcer: right now, on fox 35 news. >> bob: in iowa, the center of the political universe tonight, it is caucus time and voters in iowa are deciding tonight who
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democratic nominees for the presidency, and that means the 2016 presidential primary season is officially on. voters in 99 counties are taking part in the iowa caucuses and results are slowly trickling in. >> sonni: we've got some breaking up -- the winner will get serious momentum heading into new hampshire. keith landry monitoring those results as they come in live. keith, some new information just in on the republican side. >> yes, that's right. fox news has now declared ted cruz the winner of the 2016 iowa caucuses with the strongest showing in the 99 counties across iowa. 28%, ted cruz is your winner. donald trump in second place with 24%. marco rubio, surging in the last couple of days with 23%. ben carson has 9%. he finishes in fourth place. rand paul in fifth. jeb bush, former governor of florida, with 3%. so we'll do some breakdown of why cruz won coming up in just a
10:30 pm
on the democratic side, they are still locked in a tight contest on the democratic side. 83% of the votes counted. hillary clinton 50%. bernie sanders 49%. martin o'malley at 1%. and it's reported he'll suspend his campaign. that's over the dog race at this point, at this very hour, with 83% of the votes in, clinton 50, sanders 49. that one is still undecided. back to the anchor desk. >> sonni: we do want to get some analysis from our political power panel live in-house tonight, we have carl jackson, as well as political analyst mark mills. thanks for coming in. you didn't get a chance to talking about democrats last time around, so keith just mentioned a very close race right now with hillary clinton just eking out of -- 81% of votes in. are you surprised it's this close? >> actually, i am.
10:31 pm
there were a lot of college students coming in and registering and caucusing for the first time, so i thought that would go into bernie sanders favor, but right now we don't know the results and it hasn't been called, but i gotta be honest with you, with the way that bernie sanders was soaring, i thought he would win. and i thought he would win pretty disease i feel. decisively. the fact that hillary clinton has made this a race with all the negative she has, to me, that tells me she's a stronger candidate for the democrats than people thought. >> we should mention that martin o'malley has ended his bid officially. that came in since we've talked to you last. mark, historically, how important are the results of the iowa caucus? i say this with a smile because i know your answer is going to be -- >> the answer is not much. historically, in the last couple of elections, iowa has not been a bell weather. so it's going to be interesting to see what will happen to cruz.
10:32 pm
huckabee and rick santorum. they didn't get much beyond iowa in their campaigns. eight years ago and four years ago, respectively. one of the reasons is because there's such a heavy block of social conservative evangelical christian voters in iowa, more so than other states. huckabee, santorum and now cruz played heavily to that vote, and the question for cruz now is, will that translate beyond iowa. >> and carl, we'll let you handle that. do you think he keeps his momentum heading into new hampshire? >> i think ted cruz -- eventually i think this may become, the way that it turned out tonight, it may become a ted cruz/marco rubio race, that is, if the other establishment candidates drop out. i think this race is a little different. you go back to 2000, that was the last time we had george w. bush, he won iowa and went on to win the presidency. this year is different. we see the turnout has been amazing so far in iowa. and i think people are so
10:33 pm
frustrated with what's happened with their country. barack obama has destroyed our economy, our military, not being supported in the way they should. people are frustrated and angry and are excited to do something to restore our constitutional values. i gotta disagree. this year has been totally different. it's been the year of the outsider as people have said and i really think cruz and rubio going forward can make some great strides. >> we only have a few seconds, but i have to ask, what is happening to poor jeb bush? it is not a good night for him, not a good campaign. >> bad message and a candidate that never really looked like he was particularly interested in campaigning, to be honest with you. the campaign race, a lot of money, but the message never translated, they spent almost $50 million so far in tv ads and he has nothing to show for it. but they're putting a lot of their effort into south carolina, hoping that bush can be an anti-trump establishment candidate and gain some momentum.
10:34 pm
coming in, and fox 35 will continue coverage tonight of the iowa caucuses. we'll go live to des moines at 10:45 for the latest results. >> bob: a sad anniversary in the search for a missing port orange woman, six years since laurel rogers has been seen alive. tonight family and friends gathering to pray for her return. tiffany teasley is in our satellite center with the whole story. >> reporter: laurel rogers was 28 years old when she was last seen by her family on this day back in 2010. she was leaving her home when she disappeared. police say her cell phone hadn't been used, her prescriptions weren't filled and her bank account was left untouched. the missing woman's family and friends hold a candlelight vigil for her every year. tonight they gathered in front of her port orange home. rogers mom told us she never thought six years would go by with no answers.
10:35 pm
we just need some answers. we need someone to come forward, just anybody that's heard anything to come forward and tell and let us have our daughter home. let me have my daughter. >> and there's a $30,000 reward for information about laurel rogers' disappearance. call crime stoppers with any clues. in the satellite center, tiffany teasley, fox 35 news. >> sonni: virus spread by mosquitoes can mean some big problems for pregnant women and their children. after the break, the world health organization sounding the alarm about the zika virus. what you need to know and how local officials are also taking action. >> bob: coming up on fox 35 news at 11:00, a florida man crashed his truck into a guardrail, and it exploded. we're talking to the hero who rescued him just in the knick of time. and a man's library book is over 70 years past due. find out how much he had to pay in fines for the book he checked out back in 1944.
10:36 pm
minutes on fox 35 news >> bob: a fox health alert, the world health organization declaring the zika virus a global health emergency. >> sonni: it is especially dangerous to pregnant women because it can cause birth defects. how local health officials are taking action and how it can affect others who aren't expecting. >> we've got a number of control materials that go into the water
10:37 pm
here at orange county mosquito control workers have been busy trying to prevent the zika virus, which is transmitted through infected mosquitoes. >> talking to people in door-to-door, seeing if we can find containers that have these mosquitoes in them and either removing the containers or dumping them out. >> the acting manager of mosquito control says there are two types of mosquitoes that can carry the virus. while she says there's a low level of those mosquitoes, she has advice for homeowners regarding standing water. >> be very aware of the items in their yards, make sure that they dump out any containers at all possible that are holding water. talk to their neighbors, too. when in doubt, dump it out. my insect repellent or if you can, wear long pants, long shirts to try to minimize any contact with mosquitoes. >> as workers teach people how to protect themselves, health officials are also warning
10:38 pm
>> if i were to get bit and get infected by the zika virus, i would assume it would feel like the flu. >> the director of health services says the only way to know if you have the virus is by getting tested. but beforehand, be aware of who you might have been in contact with. >> here in central florida, we have a lot of folks with family members in the caribbean and in south america and central america where we're now seeing a lot of this virus. advisories are in effect. >> the only way that this can be transmitted right now that we know of is through a specific type of mosquito, which would have to bite the individual, and get some of the virus and then bite an uninfected individual. >> in orange county, valerie boy. >> sonni: pregnant women aren't the only ones who should be concerned about the zika virus. anyone, of course, can get it. according to the world health organization, people with it usually have a mild fever, a skin rash, and conjunctivitis. the symptoms normally last from two to seven days. there's no specific treatment or vaccine currently available him
10:39 pm
try to avoid those mosquito bites. so far the zika virus has been reported in 24 countries. those are highlight in the map here. cruise lines are allowing some passengers to change their travel plans. carnival is sending information about it to passengers who are booked on cruises that will stop in the affected areas. pregnant women and their traveling companions who need to cancel can rebook at a later time. royal caribbean is also handling passenger concerns on a case-by-case basis. a new cafe is giving hope to people who have serious brain injuries. >> you have to learn again how to breathe and to eat and walk and do everything. talk. >> bob: we'll meet a woman who is using a special harness to help her work at this incredible place. glenn? >> glenn: our forecast here in central florida looks nice and warm, nothing currently on radar. it looks like as we get into the next several days, big changes are on the way, with another
10:40 pm
we'll have much more on that in the new caramel macchiato let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. or iced macchiato today.
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10:42 pm
and we are still working out the second place on the republican side. donald trump and marco rubio in a very tight race right now. live in des moines, and a lot of surprises, joel, some campaigns getting suspended, some campaigns being questioned, and one campaign, the ted cruz campaign gaining a lot of momentum coming out of iowa. >> reporter: the adrenaline is going so much that i actually started to take my gloves offer and realized it's freezing so put them right back on. a lot to catch up on here. ted cruz obviously declared the winner coming in at 28%. trump at 24%. i apologize if the numbers are still shaking out. the website went down and we are stuck out in the elements. but those are the latest figures once the race was closed. what's interesting, marco rubio, at 24%, and expect that from him a short time ago he spoke. take a listen to what he had to
10:43 pm
>> this is a time for a president that will rebuild the u.s. military because the world is a safer and a better place when the united states has a the most powerful military in the world. [ applause ] >> this is no ordinary election. 2016 is not just a choice between two political parties. 2016 is a referendum. it is a referendum on our identity as a nation and as a people. >> marco rubio definitely has reason to celebrate tonight. people did not expect him to perform the way he did. what people don't know, though, is he did spend the last 10 days here. he spent more money on tv ads than anyone else. he has four field offices here. but really ted cruz clearly the story as well, he had 10,000-foot soldiers, if you will, on the ground here. he came in first. bob, as you know, donald trump said, i won't be upset if i come in second.
10:44 pm
that he did in fact not beat ted cruz. >> bob: not only did he not beat ted cruz, he could smell third place in that -- speaking donald trump might be pulling a joel waldman, talk about taking the gloves off, marco rubio better watch out. >> absolutely. tomorrow when you read the morning papers and listen to the pundits speak, they'll say that marco rubio is perhaps the winner in all this. nobody expected it. he's kind of been playing this low-key figure, you know, that they're slowly building up their race, and at the beginning of the caucus, just as it kicked off, his camp came out and said we are expecting to perform very well, so clearly they were looking at those entrance polls. you heard that right. they have entrance polls, not exit polls. so things were looking good from the very beginning. >> bob: they're not -- i'm going to ask you one more thing. on the democratic side, bernie sanders was going to kind of run away with this, at least his poll numbers indicated this, and this is neck and neck. i think he's ahead in precincts
10:45 pm
is that a loss for bernie sanders to not have clearly won? >> no -- well, you know, hillary clinton was up 30 points in this state at one point, and actually bear any closed it down to about three points. in new hampshire he's up double digits. but here it was really neck and neck going into the iowa caucuses. and if anything, it really is a win, i believe, for bernie sanders that he's able to keep it this close. that race, as far as i know, my website out here in the elements went down, but it has not been called. last i checked, it was about .6 of one percentage point difference with 87% of the precincts reporting. so it is still possible that bernie sanders pulls this out. that would be a massive upset and a major, major headache for the clinton campaign. >> bob: the quick refresh, 88%, goes. 21 precincts to her 19. but still 49 bernie sanders to hillary clinton's 50%. we'll see how the evening shakes
10:46 pm
always good to talk to you, my friend. go get warm. >> thank you. >> sonni: new at 10:00, a new cafe is helping people with traumatic brain injuries. >> bob: fox 35's tom johnson introducing us to one woman who is excited to be working there. >> reporter: the last 10 years have not been easy for diana, not since one horrible night in new york city. >> a drunk driver ignored the red light from the other way and smashed into my cab, and i flew out the window of my cab and landed on my head. >> a traumatic brain injury left her in a coma 4 and a half months, the left side of her body is semi paralyzed. speaking is difficult. >> she had to learn again how to breathe and eat and walk and do talk. >> a deck you'd of once a year therapy only does so much, but
10:47 pm
college of health and public affairs holds new hope for her injuries. they'll be using this body weight harness system. it was developed by the go babying organization at the university of delaware. it's only the second of its kind cafe. >> most of the people who use the calf eye have impairments in their ability, socialation and language, and all that is worked on in real time while you're socializing. >> for diana and the others, it's physical therapy and more. >> what else did you need? >> occupational therapy, ot, because they had to work with my hands and get a drink or whatever they ask for. >> it's also a measure of independence, freedom. >> it means purpose.
10:48 pm
tom johnson; fox 35 news. >> bob: and another traumatic brain injury survivor will work two-hour shifts twice a week in ucf's nights on the go cafe. if you'd like to learn more about flonase allergy relief nasal spray. this changes everything. flonase is the 24 hour relief that outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over-producing six key
10:49 pm
that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance, flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. so go ahead, inhale life, excite your senses, seize the day and the night. flonase. six is greater than one. this changes everything. inin 1 193934,4, ststeaeak k 'n'n s shahakeke d dececidideded ththe e woworlrld d dididndn't't n neeeedd ananototheher r hahambmbururgeger.r. itit n neeeedededd soso t thehey y ususeded 10100 0 pepercrcenent t bebeefef.. ququicick k sesearareded t too sesealal i in n ththe e flflavavoror . ..... ..... . yoyou'u'llll o onlnly y gegett
10:50 pm
ststeaeak k 'n'n s shahakeke,, hohomeme o of f ththe e ororigigininalal
10:51 pm
>> in tonight's o-town countdown. no. 3, the orlando eye is looking for 30 lucky couples to get married in the observation wheel the day before valentine's day. couples have to upload a video to youtube on why they think they should be picked. for details, head to official orlando >> nub -- no. 2, trumpeter, and violinist joshua bell will perform at the dr. phillips
10:52 pm
>> no. 1, there's a way to run and have fun in your underwear. the cupid's run takes place in downtown orlando on saturday. proceeds benefit the children's tumor foundation. go to the website. that's tonight's o-town countdown. >> sonni: it is eagles versus drones. while video of an eagle grabbing
10:53 pm
why this could be the key to >> sonni: an eagle takes down a drone, and this video was posted on fox the dutch national police training eagles to grab small drones that could be potential terror threats. the eagle grabbed the small drone, then carries it off to a safe location. let's go over to bob for a look at what's coming up tonight on fox 35 news at 11:00. >> bob: breaking news from the hawkeye state. hillary clinton narrowly leading bernie sanders in the iowa caucuses. but we're going to tell you why sanders camp is feeling ecstatic tonight. for the republicans, ted cruz is the big winner, narrowly edging out donald trump and marco rubio, how those stories are shaping the campaign trail. and new tonight at 11:00, a dramatic rescue after a terrible crash on i-4. we're going to meet the heroes who pulled a driver to safety
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